Entertainmints = chocolates with a mint filling!

Fyna Foods has been making chocolate in Australia since 1929. Fyna produces a range of confectionery brands that are loved and fondly remembered by a broad demographic, including Wizz Fizz, Pink Lady, Fads (formerly Fags), Bush Friends, Big Boss, Superior Liquorice and Ballantyne.

Ballantyne Entertainmints are a favourite with an ageing demographic but Fyna wanted to expand their market share and appeal to a younger buyer as well. The challenge became trickier when during briefing it became clear that the Ballantyne branding could do with modernisation also. 

I created three distinct directions for Ballantyne: 1. A dash of the classic with a good cup of contemporary, 2. Fanciful and fun, 3. Premium Elegance. Each direction had new branding and packaging that spoke to Fyna's long-term aspirations for Ballantyne to capture a large stake in the panned chocolate snack market.

All concepts were well received but it was the fun and fanciful, yet elegant and timeless concept No.2 that effectively expressed the Ballantyne aspirations and allowed room for product growth in the future. 



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