Discovering History

History at a primary school level is often taught by teacher's who aren't history specialist. Pearson Australia saw the need to provide these teachers with a series of resources that would enable them to develop creative lesson plans and engage students in a more exciting way. The secondary challenge for the brief was to keep production costs low in case the frugal market didn't fully embrace the new concept.

I designed the covers to immediately inspire teachers enthusiasm about the subject by asking provoking questions and giving striking visual prompts in the form of simple vectors. I took a similar approach to the pages creating a simple one colour design that was economical to print and yet accessible and playful. 

The sales outcome of the series was highly successful and the design has now been adapted for Science and Geography. As well the aesthetic of the design was rolled over into student topic books (of over 100 books) and topic picture cards. And as a side note Discovering History won Best Primary Student Resource - Arts/Science/Humanities at the Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA) in 2013.  



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